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Manual Rotary MicroMini™ Stage


  • 3D models available
  • Micro-miniature Manual Rotary Stage
  • Coarse full circle and fine 0.29 rad Total
  • Coarse adjusting tool included with purchase
  • 19 mm Rotation Table
  • 7 mm thru-hole
  • Can be mounted to our MM-3X Manual Linear Stage (for X, XY, XYZ, plus rotary translation), while still retaining its thru-hole through both stages.
  • Hex wrench accessibility for position and tension settings in hard to reach spaces.
  • Black anodized stage body protects from damage and corrosion
  • Stainless steel Thumb Screw for durability
  • Vacuum compatibility (10-6 Torr)
  • Bottom plate adapter available


  • Table Travel: 360° (6.28 rad) Coarse, 17° (0.29 rad) Fine
  • Angular Travel: 35 mrad per lead screw turn
  • Moment Load: 3.97 oz-in (28 mNm)
  • Thru hole: 7 mm
  • Coarse adjustment tool included
  • Vacuum compatible to 10-6 Torr


  • Radial Load: 0.23 kg
  • Thrust Axial: 0.45 kg
    (direct top load)
  • Body Size: 25.4 mm
  • Table Size: 19 mm
  • Travel Ranges: 360°
  • Weight: 10 grams

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3D models available

Note: There are six 0-80 holes spaced 10.87 mm apart in the Base Plate of the MM-1R and four open-ended mounting slots. The Base Plate hole pattern matches the hole spacing on all manual MM-3 MicroMini™ Linear Stages, which allows the MM-1R to be mounted directly to any NAI Manual Linear Stage by using two 0-80 screws.

Specifications MM-1R
Angular travel per lead screw turn: 36.7 µrad
Fine Adjustment Range: 0.29 rad Total
Coarse Adjust: full circle continuous
Thrust "Axial": 0.45 kg
Radial Load: 0.23 kg
Torque: 3.97 oz-in (28 mNm)
Moment Load: 3.97 oz-in (28 mNm)

  Dimensions: O.D. x H,
not including lead screw extension
MM-1R 25.44 x 12.5 (mm)
Weight: 10 g

The information contained on this website is subject to change without notice. Critical dimensions or specifications should be verified with our technical support staff.

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