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MicroMini™ Controller


To the Micro-Motion User

National Aperture, Inc. is the leader in micro-automation. The MicroMini™ stages, along with our micro-motion control systems, have become the industry's best selling micro-automation tools.

The patented features of the MicroMini™ stage provide high-precision micropositioning at "breakthrough" prices.

Our new constraint-free design minimizes inherent error and provides linear and rotary motion in a unique, compact configuration. This small compact design provides the user with the ultimate in accuracy, linearity, repeatability and speed. Our miniature servo-motor has advantages that far surpass any comparable stepper motor.

Our Controllers:
Now it is easy to integrate your total motion control solution. You can begin with confidence to replace your more critical hand operations in production and product development. National Aperture, Inc. Motion Controllers provide "plug in and go" solutions for both PC and Macintosh™. Our motion controllers provide real time, high speed, closed-loop control without sacrificing resolution or response time. with Windows™ and the additional support of LabVIEW™ by National Instruments Corp., custom software applications become simple and hardware headaches become a thing of the past!

All of our motion control products are not only user-friendly and flexible, but they offer superior compatibility with the other major servo systems.

National Aperture, Inc. is dedicated to bringing you into the world of motion control with the finest state-of-the-art products.

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