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Scanning Linear Stage

New, State-of-the-Art Motorized Scanning Linear Stage

In many applications such as laser machining, semiconductor manufacturing and microscopy it is very advantageous to have a low profile fast travel stage with a large thru aperture.  Issues such as Resolution, Repeatability and Accuracy are always of great concern and the NEW National Aperture, Inc. MM-5M Motorized Scanning Stage ranks very high in the fulfilling these requirements.  Multiple axis such as X, XY, XZ and XYZ are very useful and this new stage is available in any of these configurations.

The new stage is servo motor driven with a linear travel of 25mm and a max speed of 39mm/second.  The MM-5M is a low profile linear stage (139mm X 67mm X 14mm) with a large thru aperture of 53mm X 28mm and resolution of 1.56µm/motor encoder count.  The MM-5M is available X, XY or XYZ configurations and is ideal for precision laser machining, semiconductor applications, microscopy and much more.

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